Lots of working people out there think that they can’t be stylish when going to their workplace. Aside from being short in preparation time, some find it hard to incorporate style into their work outfit while still making it look professional and smart. If you’re one of those who are already bored with their dull work outfits, here are some useful tips you can try on to make you look fashionable even at the office.

Go for Patterned Blouses

Most people wear plain blouses for work because they are versatile when it comes to pairing them with other wardrobe pieces. However, it might get boring when you keep this style for a long time. Spruce up your work outfit by switching those plain blouses into patterned ones. Patterned tops give an instant touch of style into your regular work attire. They also look great when paired with neutral coloured bottoms and shoes since they become the focal point of your whole ensemble. Check out this lovely collection of silk business shirts perfect to add into your work wardrobe.

Add a Pop of Colour

Most work outfits have neutral colours because they can be easily mixed and matched with each other. However, you can make your outfit look more fashionable by adding a pop of colour into it. For instance, if you’re wearing a grey and black outfit, you can elevate its style by wearing a bright or bold coloured scarf. This style will definitely make you stand out among the rest with your fashionable outfit.

Wear Heels If Possible

Wearing heels doesn’t mean that you are required to wear pumps all throughout the day in the office. Since some women are not comfortable with high heels, opt for lower heeled footwear instead such as kitten heels or block heels. Heels give you a sleeker and more polished silhouette no matter what your outfit is. Also, it elevates the posture of its wearer, making you look more confident as you move through the office. Neutral colours are the most popular pick but you can go for fun and bold prints if you’re wearing a neutral coloured outfit.

Layer with Blazer

Wearing layers in your office wear is a great way to make it look more stylish. However, loose and slouchy layers won’t look that great in the office. Swap those loose wraps and cardigans with a more structured blazer instead. Aside from adding more elegance to your outfit, it also makes you look more professional – perfect to be worn on meetings and other corporate events.

Go for Structured Bags

Slouchy bags aren’t the best things you can bring into the office. Instead, go for structured bags in neutral colour. It makes you look more organized and professional, the perfect factors to have in the workplace. Be sure it is large and spacious enough to fit in all your essential workplace belongings.

Although not everyone has the time to go through their wardrobe everyday looking for a good work outfit, you can definitely make each day easier with these quick fashion tips.

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