In today’s time and age, and with today’s advancing in technology, it goes without saying that most people like working for themselves; rather than under someone else. But running a business is no joke; the advertising alone needs so much of effort. Here are a few ways to promote your business, without making it obvious that you are advertising.

Start a page/account for your business in social media

This tip might hardly come as a surprise to you, but we assure you, you have no idea about the benefits of this particular tip. By setting up a social media account for your small business, you are allowing your clients to get in touch with you directly. This gives you a chance to better get to know what works with you clients; and what doesn’t. it is also a great way of letting your clients and customers know about sales and special discounts.


Attend local fairs; set up shop


Getting to know people online is all well; yet it pays to remember that not everyone uses social media and the internet¾even in this age and time. Think of you intended client or customer group. If they fall into the group that are not so tech savvy, you will have to reach them where they are comfortable. local fairs are ideal for letting people know about you and your business. Of course, this depends entirely on the nature of your business.

Don’t underestimate the power of word-of-mouth

You would be surprised at how big a ripple a single customer can make to a business. If it is good reviews, then your business will flourish without a doubt. And if it is a bad review, your sales will drop. Do not make the mistake of ignoring online reviews, as most people now-a-days tent to look at online reviews before opting for a product or even a service. One of the best ways to get good reviews and to get the word of mouth to support you, is to make sure you offer your customers the best; every time. Happy customers and clients are always good news for the business…


Collaborate with other businesses to offer your clients special discounts; and to bring in new customers.

Think of the reason for your advertising. Is it the seasonal offers? If it is, consider collaborating with another company or service to make it more fun for your customers. Offer special discounts if your clients or customers happen to make use of your collaboration. This not only will make it fun for the customers or clients, it is also a pretty affective way to drum of new contacts and business for both parties involved.

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