Becoming a substance abuse counsellor is one way you can help out people as a part of your job. If you are someone who loves helping people and wants to see them getting better at life, this is one of careers you can opt for. So if you dream job is to help people or more precisely if becoming a substance abuse counsellor is your ambition, here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about this particular job.

Who Are Substance Abuse Counsellors?

Substance Abuse Counsellors are those who help people to overcome problems related to alcohol and drug abuse. As a counsellor the job is not only limited to helping those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol, but also helping those who are afraid or worried they might get addicted, past addicts as well as families and friends who are affected by addcti0ns of their loved ones. The job of the counsellors is not to prescribe medicine for the addiction but rather to help them with practical life problems that would come with their addiction such as coping with the addiction of helping a past addict to find a job.

Where and How to Get a Job?

Once you have the requirements to become a substance counsellor there are many options for you to follow.  Work as a counsellor you will need a minimum of a high school diploma. You can also try looking for drug and alcohol programs in Geelong if you wish to learn more on this area. You can apply for a job as a counsellor at a halfway house, treatment centre, hospital, or clinic that offers counselling on substance abuse and addiction. Substance abuse is fastly becoming a problem these days and therefore what better job to choose than a job that allows you to help those who wants a life without addiction.

What are the Pros and Cons?

One of the advantages of this field is that you can easily get a job for you with the right qualifications and skills. However, the greatest advantage you will get is the ability to help people get better, helping out with their addictions and helping them to start a new and a better life. You get the chance to help them adjust back in the world and also to strengthen strained relationships with their friends and families. As a substance counsellor, there are no too many disadvantages of the job. The only thing to remember is that it can sometimes be emotionally overwhelming as you will have to listen to the problems of the other people in order to help them and doing this all day can sometimes stress you out.

If your passion is helping people get better, this is one of the many career options you can choose from. Once you have completed the necessary education programmes you can get a job at a place you prefer and start your journey at supporting people to get better in life.

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