Developing a mobile app is now an essential aspect on any digital marketing campaign. Most B2C brands, and even some B2B brands, invest heavily in apps to drive user engagement and sales. In the rush to create an app, most companies misunderstand the actual process of making one. Not knowing what you are getting into will certainly cost you. Here are some of the most prevalent myths regarding developing apps and how to overcome them:

The App is Like the Website

The app and the website are not two different versions of the same thing. Sure, the app is accessed on a mobile phone, but it does not serve the same purposes as a website. If you want to make your site accessible on a mobile platform, hire a web development firm to create a responsive website. An app, on the other hand, offers value-added services on top of what your company is already selling. For example, consider a retail outlet that creates a new app for shoppers. Most of these retail apps allow customers to shop online, and also use the same shopping cart when they are in store. The app offers a new type of shopping experience, not just a handheld version of an advertisement. Therefore, it’s important to understand the purpose of developing an app to create the best app for your company.

Any App Agency Can Create What You Want

There’s a plethora of app agencies available in Australia right now. But have realistic expectations when hiring an agency. Don’t make price the deciding factor in negotiations either. There are several important factors to consider when hiring an app agency. For starters, it’s best to use a local agency like Appscore, because such an agency will understand the local audience far better than an international company. Local agencies are also aware of the mobile infrastructure available that will make the app load the fastest. Keep in mind that the process of creating an app is a continuing process. It’s not like you can get the basics done and the app would be ready to go. There will be several testing and troubleshooting stages to get through first. And once the app is successfully implemented, you will need coders at hand to make sure the app is secure is glitch-free.

App Agencies Can Work on Auto Pilot

There’s a common myth that app agencies can work on their own when creating any mobile application. The marketers only have to give the order and the agency will return with a great, workable app. This, of course, don’t work in that manner in reality. App agencies cannot auto create the app you want without any meaningful input. Your marketing agency must be able to collaborate routinely with the creators to tailor-make the app to your target audience and preferences. Don’t expect the app agency to come up with all the ideas on their own.

A mobile app, in simple terms, solves a problem for customers. It’s not about coding or offering a replica of the website. Apps drive engagement in addition to sales. It’s important to think outside the box when it comes to creating highly converting and popular apps.

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