When we have our own child only then we realize the amount of work and dedication our parents had to go through to bring us up. They would have gone through a lot of sleepless night when we were kids to bring us up and did the same when we turned into adults who stayed up till late at every party possible. So now the tables have change and it is our duty as a parent to give the best to our child. They are our responsibility and we need to make sure we take good care of them. However, sometimes despite our care and attention they do fall sick and get issues such as bone problems. So here are few bone problems which happens to children and how you could avoid them.

Greenstick Fracture

Many people might not be familiar with this term but this a condition which is usually seen in children.  Their bones are usually soft and tend to break much more easily. Some of the parents might not even see this happening and once they get to know it might be too late to fix it. So it is advisable to look for some early signs and symptoms. For example, your child might cry a lot and in the area where this happens there would be a lot of redness and it is also likely to get swollen. You should also make sure you take your child for regular doctor’s appointment as that way their body will be fully examined and if there is any chance of it, they might detect it at an earlier stage. Well, Mi Baloo has given a complete guide on this for those parents who haven’t heard about this term so make sure you check it out. Thankfully this can be treated for example the bone has to be bent back to be able to grow properly, but it takes much longer time to heal. According to experts, it can take about 6-8 weeks.

How To Reduce The Risk

Of course we parents want our children to be blessed with the best and to avoid any kind of harm that might come their way. So here are a few ways you could reduce the risk of greenstick fracture. For example, try to encourage your child to engage in regular exercise, this will not only protect their bones but they will also be of less risk to be obese which means their childhood will be much better. Also no matter what sports they play you need to make sure that they are wearing protective gears. It is always better to be safe than sorry, as they say precaution is greater than cure! Also whenever driving, no matter how late it gets make sure your child is wearing seat belt that too properly. This can protect them to a great extent when you meet with an accident.

None of us learn parenthood automatically, so make sure you read some books that way you will come across a lot of diseases that you could prevent your child from.

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