Here are a few tips and suggestions…

  • Choose the right kind of bag – knowing what kind of bag to carry might actually make your entire trip more enjoyable. For example, even though wheeled luggage’s are stylish and very handy, they are not the right kid on bag if you happen to want to back pack once you arrive at your destination. However, if you happen to carry important documents with you (like you would, if this happens to be a business trip) then consider the rolling luggage.

  • Have a check list for all the important things – we all know and have a few items that we simply cannot do without. Add these items to the check list so you won’t forget to take them with you. then there is also the purpose of the trip. For example, if you happen to travel for business, then have all the clothes and things related to your meeting in this check list as well. remember to go through your checklist once you are done packing¾just to make sure nothing gets left behind.
  • Be sure to have extra batteries for your electronic devices – we all rely rather heavily on our electronics now-a-days; be it that it is out mobile phone or our laptops. Make sure to carry extra batteries with you; or at least a power bank. This is especially true if you want to use your mobile phone as a camera, a translator or even as a road guide. The last thing you need, is low battery and no place to charge it.
  • Keep all your important documents in one place – if you happen to use a flight service, then this would mean all your travelling documents. But even if you happen to be driving by car, try to keep all your important documents together in one place. This includes the documents required for your important meeting.

  • Have appropriate shoes – if your trip happens to be for more than two days, then you will definitely have to have a few shoe options. The general rule is that you wear your heavier shoes, and pack your lighter once to carry with you. stuff it inside a shower cap to take it handily with you; without having to dirty your clothes. Try not to over do it though; and carry a maximum of three pairs of shoes with you.
  • Take your own toiletries with you – the town you happen to visit might be very hot and happening; but there is no guarantee that you will find your “brand” of toothpaste or deodorant in the town you are visiting. Rather than wasting time hunting for these, or over spending when you buy it, consider taking your toiletries with you.


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