While the days before the official house moving date are oft thought as the most hectic, we feel the first week that you spend in your new home can be as busy! Here are a few tips to help you deal with that first week better…

Pick the Ideal Removals, And Moving Vehicle for The Job

Picking the right removalists working across the Mornington Peninsula area will make a huge difference on how the 1st week at your new home goes. Pick a service that also has unloading, and perhaps even unpacking in it. If you live in a narrow street, or your new home is in one, make sure to hire a moving van as opposed to a lorry; this will make it easier on you to load and unload heavy objects¾such as furniture. It’s best speaking to your removalist before the date of moving in regards to this.

Make Sure You New Home Is Neat and Tidy Before the Items Arrive

Cleaning up a house before you sell it or once you’ve emptied it is common courtesy. However, it’s not a rule, so not everyone bothers with it. To avoid unloading into a dirty house, pay a visit to your new home the day before the move to ensure it’s cleaned out well enough to suit you. It’s also one of the best times to check if any light bulbs that needs to be refreshed, and install new batteries for the smoke alarm.

Ensure Each Packing Box Is Labelled

When packing your belongings into boxes, make sure each box is carefully labelled. If fragile, make sure it’s to marked clearly as, in big bold letters. Each box should have a list on the side, of all items it holds. They also need to be either colour coded according to where they need to be unloaded into (example; red for kitchen boxes), or labelled clearly in a similar way. This ensure that your movers won’t dump all your boxes into one room, and that you’ll know which boxes need to be unpacked first according to its use.

Pack the Essential Kitchen Items in One Box

If you’re someone who hates feeding your kids take out even on a day like this, consider packing one box only with kitchen essentials. Your chopping board, your everyday knife, a pan or two, a kettle etc. Along with this, don’t forget to also pack in a few dry ingredients or spices…things you’ll need for a basic meal for the family. This means you will not need to unpack your whole kitchen, to be able to cook for the first few days.

Pack A Suitcase with Items for the 1st 3 Days

Moving homes is tiring, and the last thing you want to do on the night of your move, is to dig through boxes; looking for nightclothes and blankets. Pack a suitcase separately with items that you’ll need for the 1st night¾everything from clothes, to toiletries, to even a bed sheet and blanket. You only need to pack for one night (and perhaps your work clothes for the next day), but it’s best packing for around 3 days. Move this suitcase yourself, in your own vehicle, so that the possibility of it getting misplaced or left behind gets eliminated.   


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