If there is one thing that we neglect as much as our health, it is sleep. Though some people definitely sleep 8 hours (or more in some cases!), they are in the minority. A majority of people all around the world are severely sleep deprived and will continue to be so if they are not careful. Whilst our modern day demands and responsibilities are mostly to blame, some of the guilt falls on us too in part. After all, we can do more to demand a better lifestyle for ourselves with our health a priority. You will also be glad to know that with very simple tips, you should be able to look forward to a monumental improvement; we have listed them below.

Have a Routine

You may argue that bedtime routines are for kids, but no they are not. They are in fact for all of us, and neglecting this is the main problem that needs to be tackled. Nature has integrated body clocks in all of us for a reason. We are not meant to ignore these clocks time and again. If we do, they go out of sync and play havoc with the rest of your body and its functions. Occasionally straying out of the routine is fine of course, but for the most part, try to remain consistent.

Get a New Bed

We mean both the frame and mattress if need be. Most people put off buying a new bed and tend to sleep on an old one for years on end, mainly because the process of choosing a new one can feel tedious, and one may be attached to their age-old artifact. Trouble is, this causes problems both physically and mentally. Physically because the bed cannot support your body well anymore, and mentally because you are not getting proper sleep. So whether you shop for beds auckland or anywhere else, be sure to do so periodically, and not ignore the need.

Watch Out For Naps

Naps are tricky things, so you have to be very careful when it comes to handling them. How many times have you tried napping only to wake up 7 hours later not knowing what day, time, or planet you’re on? Countless times probably. This happens more than you think too. Naps are only meant to be effective if they are just that; naps. They should only last for 20-minute stretches, nothing more than that. Done right, you feel refreshed. Done wrong, you feel bogged down like a sack of cement.

Set Your Room Up

If your room is a clutter of crap, then tackle that first. Keeping your room clean is essential for sleeping well. Try to not hook a television up if you can help it. Keep things as quiet and peaceful as possible. Make sure it is clean, airy, and decked out in the things you like without being too crowded. Your bedroom should be a haven, not a tornado you walk into on a daily basis.

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