Planning on getting away for the weekend? Here’s how to make the most out of it…

Pre-book your accommodations and flights

Pre-booking your flight tickets is something most of us do…simply because it puts plans into action. Of course, there is the added benefit that you can pre-book the tickets when they are relatively cheaper; as opposed to their prices during the holiday season. But it is also vital that you pre-book the hotel or other accommodations, as not having to “find” an appropriate place to stay will save you a lot of time. Try to go for a place you have been recommended to; as this will reduce the chances of you being disappointed with the accommodations that you have chosen for the duration of your weekend vacation.


Pack the right way

At the end of the day, it is a matter of two days. Pack weather appropriately¾but don’t over pack for the “What ifs”. Keep the activities you plan on doing during your weekend getaway in mind when packing; it hardly makes sense to pack a lot of dressy outfits if you plan on bumming the entire weekend in a beach, stretched out in a towel over the sand. If you happen to take your electronics with you, remember to take extra batteries for it; so that you have to spend less time tethered to a wall plug. This is especially true for your camera and your mobile phone¾two devices you use primarily at holidays.

Know exactly what to expect in terms of what to do

Know exactly how you are going to be spending you two day holidays. And by this, we mean about all the activities you want to do. Do your research and get yourself familiar with the available activities; then make a plan on the things you want to do. Knowing what you are going to do when you get there will not only make the whole thing more exciting, but it will also help you pack more efficiently for the weekend. Be aware that some activities might require that you pre-book a place for yourself; so do your research rather than getting disappointed.


Remember that you can make use of both the days and nights of your holidays

When planning out the activities for the duration of your short getaway, remember that you can make use of both your days and nights. Most countries and tourist friendly cities have pretty happening night time entertainment; and you might even have a night tour ride of the city. Make use of this. Get proper rest the whole week before you have to leave on your vacation, and if possible, try to sleep through your flight. This will help you cut down on your sleeping time.


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