Impressing important clients is vital for the wellbeing of any company or business. And whether you are looking for the traditional means to do so or the not-so-traditional tricks, we’ve got you covered in the tricks and tips below.

Be On Time Always!

Nothing impresses a client more than your punctuality. Not only does it show you respect their time, but also that you are an organized and responsible person as well. Always give yourself a little extra time before your time to gather your thoughts so you do not look flustered or harried. Apart from this, doing a little background research on your client for your first meeting, and using key phrases that the client used in a follow-up meeting also plays a large part in impressing your clients.

Make Sure All Your Employees Are Trained In How To Treat Clients

How your employees treat your visiting client plays a large part in impressing them. To make sure your employees make no mistake, take the time to give them a thorough training before they are exposed to your clients. Those who man the front desk and those who are regularly in contact with your clients, especially, need to be properly trained for this purpose. Offering your clients refreshments, and making sure they are comfortable while they are waiting also plays as a plus point here.

Make Sure Your Workplace Looks Organized

If your clients have to work through your workplace to get to your office, then it’s vital that you make sure your workplace looks organized at all moments. Not only will it ensure that you’ll impress your clients if they happen to pop by, but you’ll also find that your employees are more efficient in their work after doing so. For example, give your employees a uniform designed by corporate uniforms supplier. Ask them to clean up their desks at the end of each day so that clutter forming can be avoided. Provide storage units to store their important files.

Host Meetings In Impressive Surroundings

Most people compare the first meeting with a client to a first date. Whether we like it or not first impressions, appearances and where we take them for the “date” makes a big difference in impressing someone about your work. To make sure you really impress, take the time to decorate the interior of your meeting room with care. If your workplace does not have this facility, consider hosting your meeting at a private room of an impressive restaurant.

Arrive At Meetings Immaculate And In Style

Like we mentioned above, always dress to impress. This does not mean you look like you’re going for a glamorous party when going to meet a client; but that you present yourself in an immaculate manner. Well pressed clothes, coordinated outfit, groomed hair (and facial hair), these are all things that help build a good impression. If possible, avoid driving yourself to the meeting, opting to be driven instead. This way, you wouldn’t have to worry about traffic or parking either.

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