Drainage systems are supposed to carry away waste matter and water and, ideally should do so without causing us trouble. However, just as anything else, the drains also stop working properly over time and the main reason for this is that it is blocked. Sometimes you may have noticed that some people face the problem of blocked drains more frequently than others and may have wondered why it is so. As a blocked drain not only disrupts your daily tasks but also causes the place to stink, you may want to know what the main causes of a blocked drain are and what you can do to stop them from getting blocked so often.

I have listed the main causes of blocked drains so that you can try your best to avoid the situation.

Issues with the Pipes

Nothing is supposed to last forever and this is true for the pipes in your home. Corroded pipes, broken or cracked pipes, can result in a block in the drainage system. As you can easily understand, corrosion will make the walls of the pipe rough and this leads to the accumulation of other substances easy resulting in a blocked drain.

Fats and Oils

Most people use various fats to cook food and wash them down the sink when rinsing the cookware. Even though we all know that fat is not soluble in water, we do not realize that these fat residues we try to wash off can stick on the walls of the pipes and get accumulated over time. The fact that most soap also contains oils and fats adds to the problem as they themselves get accumulated especially if you are using cold water.

If this happens it is best to get the assistance of a professional in the field who can deal with blocked drains rowville. They will use technology such as high pressure hydro jetting and you won’t have to solve it on your own by using various chemicals as you may make the matters worse without knowing.

Human or Animal Hair

Usually, human or animal hair tends to block the drains in the bathroom unless you have a method of preventing them from going down the drainage pipes. Most people use some kind of a mesh to prevent the hair from flowing down the pipes but, it should be noted that such a mesh may not catch all strands and some would still flow making regular drainage cleans necessary. However, the frequency of your drains blocking would be considerably reduced if you have taken measures such as the aforementioned one.

Foreign Objects, Toiletries and Sanitary Items

Some people use the toilet as the dumping ground and would flush anything from unused objects to sanitary napkins, diapers, wipes, and tissues. These things would definitely clog the drainage system as the toilets are not designed to support the flushing of such items.

Wood Waste

Just as most people flush everything down the toilet, some also wash the plates and other cookware with the leftover food items. It is important to remember that the normal drainage pipes attached to the sink are not capable of removing such items as they are intended only to carry liquids such as water. If the pipes have bends (most of them do), the food particles are bound to get stuck in those places causing the pipe to block.

Even small things such as tea leaves and coffee ground are enough to clog a pipe if they are dumped in the sink for some time.


Tree roots can enter the pipes through existing cracks and block them or cause the pipes to crack making the free flow of water difficult. These things need to be identified and addressed as soon as possible to save you considerable cost.

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